Bystricko Experience

Bystricko region in the Czech-Moravian Highlands is a rediscovered tourist paradise in the Svratka river nature park with Pernštejn and Zubštejn castles. Check out the “Bison Country” hiking trail by bike or on foot, visit the “Seven Wonders of Bystřicko” or take a trip to “Moravian Switzerland” – the upper basin of the Svratka River, around the Vír Reservoir, a picturesque landscape with preserved rural architecture. Visit the Svratecka water educational footpath with the Vír Reservoir, the Karasín and Horní les lookout towers or the 13th century church at Vítochov. Lovers of the outdoors will enjoy the unique nature park and a number of small nature reserves and natural landmarks.

One-day trip to Svratka river nature park
Follow the current of the Svratka River from Dalečín via Vír to the unique Svratecka water educational footpath. Climb one of the local lookout towers on clearly marked hiking trails. Alternatively, you can visit Pernštejn Castle or the newly opened ruins of Zubštejn Castle. Visit Bystřice’s Eden Centre. Learn about crafts traditionally linked to the region and the lives of beekeepers, wood carvers, basket makers, weavers and brewers. In the home pharmacy you will discover the secrets of producing natural products from an herb garden.

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