Castellana Grotte Experience

This small, lively town, offers a majestic natural scenery: its caves, the most important and breathtaking speleological complex in Europe.
Castellana’s Caves are a wonderful underground world of natural art with a wide ranging of crystal concretions and an amazing variety of natural galleries.
There is just a huge cavern connected with the exterior world: a spacious hall, 70 meters deep, with a natural skylight which creates a shaft of brilliant sunshine falling to the floor. It leads on to a series of further caverns with evocative names such as: the Wolf, the Owlet, the Altar, the Fallen Column, the Red Corridor, the Dome.
Each of these caverns is full of its own wonders, from curtains of rock that seem to flow like water, to majestic columns and precious crystals that sparkle from their places embedded in the walls.
Visitors can tour the Caves every day of the year. It is possible to choose either a short or a long guided tour in several foreigners languages.
The short tour is a 1,5 km path and makes a kind of circle. It provides the visitor a good idea of how great and generous nature can be.
The long tour, a 3 km walk , ends in the astonishing White Cave, so called because its beautiful natural formations are in pure shining white alabaster, the finest in the world.
Also tourists with disabilities have the opportunity to enjoy the magnificence of this subterranean world, since the Caves are accessible for all special needs travellers.
Those can have a “dedicated visits” that employs different means of expression, verbal and nonverbal communication, encouraging listening and social integration.
A Special way to sense this magical environment through touch, smell and sight.
The quality of service is guaranteed by a socio-psycho-pedagogical team, offered free of charge.
Next to the Caves’ entrance there is a Speleological Museum which illustrates the scientific and didactic vocation of the environment through numerous activities and events. It is a very interesting place to visit to discover more about the “subterranean world”.
An astronomic observatory has recently been built next to the museum.

But the town has much more to offer to its visitors.
It stands 290 meters above the sea level, located in a marvellous countryside landscape, whose nature is gorgeous in colours and fruits.
It can be considered the main entrance of the Valle d’Itria, the Land of Trulli, ancient dry stone buildings with conic roof, one of the most enchanting stretch of land in Puglia.
Thanks to its privileged geographical position, Castellana is a perfect hub to easily reach many other touristic destinations. It is just a few minutes far from the Adriatic Sea with its sandy beaches and deep blue sea.
In Castellana tourists can enjoy a perfect mix of nature and culture and taste delicious local fresh food.
Self-touring by foot or by bicycle is quite simple as the main art sites are well labelled.
The town offers hospitality for all budgets. It hosts a wide selection of Masseria, farm houses transformed into resorts, B&B, Hotels and vacation home to rent.
There also is a large variety of traditional cooking restaurants, as well as a wide variety of local shops selling home grown fresh fruit and vegetables.
People here are warm and welcoming and they provide tourists an authentic Italian life style experience.
Castellana Grotte is not only the renowned Italian capital of Caves, since it offers to travellers an art patrimony to discover. Of particular interest is the ancient part of the town with rich historical buildings, aristocrats’ residences dating back to 17th and 18th century, and its beautiful churches, authentic art jewels.
Walking along the earliest part of the village, visitors can enjoy traces of all the architectural styles which have made Italian art great in the world: the Romanesque, the Baroque and the Neo Classic style, a path of great cultural and artistic value.
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