The healthy qualities of mineral waters at Geoagiu Bai have been known since the Dacian period, as the resort was called Germisara. After the colonization, the Roman set up the so called „thermae”, taking water through pipes made of baked clay. The use of water has become systematical, especially at the beginning of the XXth century when the first resort were set-up.
Due to their curative properties, these waters are indicated for internal and external treatment for rheumatic diseases and paralysis. Moreover, the chalybeate mud found here is used for therapeutic purpose.
The human organism can easily adapt to this favorable, sedative and healthy bioclimate found at Geoagiu Bai. This bioclimate is indicated for persons that cannot bear the stress of the climatic factors, the excessive air humidity, the high intensity of the air currents at sea. Moreover is actually deprived of therapeutic contraindications, no matter the season is and together with the waters, it has an active role in the therapeutic effect. Therefore the persons following the treatment can progressively expose to sun, water and air, according to their thermal confort state and according to the doctor’s indications.



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