Velebit has long been recognized for its exceptional natural beauty and biodiversity. Within UNESCO’s programme (MAB) (MAB – Man and Biosphere ), the Velebit Mountain was included in the World Network of Biosphere Reserves in 1978. Three years later the entire Velebit area was designated a nature park. Within it there are two national parks– the Paklenica National Park in the south (designated in 1949), and the Northern Velebit National Park in the north (designated half a century later). Established in 1999, Northern Velebit is the youngest of eight national parks in Croatia. This part of the Velebit Mountain is a true patchwork of the most diverse habitats that are home to countless plant, fungus and animal species – a wealth that is yet to be explored in its entirety. It is this diversity of kart formations, wildlife and landscape, to a large extent created by man, which was the main reason for setting up the Norther n Velebit National Park.
Northern Velebit National Park encompasses several areas protected earlier: Hajdučki i Rožanski Kukovi, strict reserve, the Visibaba botanical reserve – home to the endemic species Croatian sibirea, and the Zavižan-Balinovac-Velika kosa botanical reserve which houses the well-known Velebit Botanical Garden, which has been listed as a monument of landscape architecture.
Due to its exceptional worth the Northern Velebit National Park has been included in the National Ecological Network and is listed in the proposal of the future Natura 2000 network of protected areas.

Krasno Polje Croazia


Ms. Irena Glavicic Sertic

Meeting Rappresentative

I work for National Park, at Conservation, Promotion and Use Department. This department performs tasks related to preparation and implementation of the Management Plan, annual Protection, Maintenance, Preservation and Utilization Programs, and it also takes care of Program-related investments. The Department organizes and coordinates scientific and specialist work, databases and GIS on the Park’s natural and cultural values, it sets up and implements monitoring of the Park’s living and inanimate nature, develops and carries out programs in connection with visiting, promotion, education and interpretation systems and performs other specialist tasks. I graduated at the Faculty of Economy at the University of Rijeka and employed in the Institution since 2005


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