Welcome to ORSÉG, home of fresh air, harmony, silence, natural and cultural treasure. Hungarian kings have settled down their frontier guards in the area of this national park. Untill today these closed communities have preserved their unique culture, tradition and agriculture. Thanks to them two thirds of gentle slopes are covered by forest, the rest by colorful meadows, wetlands and charming villages. Discover the most western corner of Hungary on foot, by bike, by cart



Zsófia Szekeres

National Park Administrator

Since 2009 I belong to the staff of Őrség National Park. Before that I dealt with tourism in Balaton Uplands National Park: I guided tourists from the volcanoes of Tihany till the marshland of Kis-Balaton, I contributed to create and manage visitor centers and exhibition sites and also organised events during this period. Between 1996 and 1998 I was a flight-attendant.


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