Welcome to Plateliai as the most attractive tourism place in Lithuania for 2008. In the Stable of Plateliai Manor you’ll see the unique Shrovetide Museum in Lithuania, where 250 masks of Shrove Tuesday Carnival are stored! The memories will remain into the image with a little devil.



Ms. Rasa Jonusiene

Marketing manager

Old Shrove Tuesday traditions have been particularly well kept by Zemaitija National Park round Plateliai Lake. Devils, witches, doctors, goats, gypsies, and other joyful and frightening characters appear in costumes during Shrove Tuesday. The festival may not do without so called Flitchman, and Hempman, who fight between themselves personifying the fight between winter and spring. “More”, a stuffed hay figure, dressed in female clothes, is taken round villages to symbolize welfare and fertility. Yet, it is burned in the end of the festival. The Shrove Tuesday may not do without round pancakes, reminding the round sun, and other regional traditional foods. Plateliai Lake is the most beautiful lake of Lithuania and the area is famous for carving wooden masks for Shrove Tuesday, rowing and diving base, and beautiful countryside tourism farmsteads.


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