Pronouncing the name of Durbuy is already being half way to Durbuy, at the entrance of the Ardennes. Breathe deeply and find yourself in this green delight with its unique charm. Less than two hours from Brussels, Maastricht or Aachen and only slightly further from Lille, you are at the heart of a thousand years of history, in a rural area brimming with heritage and flavours of every kind. At any time of the year the old mediaeval town of Durbuy invites you to stroll through its cobbled streets or to explore the enormous variety of walking trails in the vicinity. In total, 41 villages and hamlets cover an area three-quarters of it covered by forest and meadows. A glorious mix of colours and experiences that will constantly enchant you throughout your stay. However you may be spoiled for choice with 45 restaurants and lots of picnic areas along the 170 km of waymarked paths, you may feel torn between staying at one of the 22 luxury hotels or B&B and you may find it hard to cram kayaking, mountain biking, golf or climbing via ferrata, taking part in a geocaching all into a single day !




Franjo Makovec is the Mayor of Sveti Martin na Muri more than 20 year. His activity in the community, forming its portfolio. 20 years ago Sveti Martin na Muri was a transit place without the tourist attractions. With great initiative of Franjo Makovec in early 90s, today’s Lifeclass Spa St. Martin was opend, which became one of the best Croatian continental spa. Mr.Makovec recognize the tourism potential of the municipality and with systematic planning and cooperation with the local community and the relevant institutions, and with his maximum involvement develop and entertainment facilities: a mill on Mura, Visitor Centre Eco-museum Mura, Wine Route, cycling and walking nature trails , eno-gastronomic offer, private accommodation, a number of events throughout the year. The result is a recognition and branding St. Martin na Muri as a tourist destination. This is supported by numerous awards: 2007 EDEN destination, 2010 Golden Flower of Europe, a number of years among the top three destinations of Green and Croatian Tourist Flower. Last recognition were received from the European Commission, which has nominated the Municipality of Sveti Martin na Muri to obtain the “Golden Flower of Europe 2015 with golden border”. The greatest contribution of Franjo Makovec work was and is his vision of our municipality as a beautiful place of friendly living.


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