The Town of Drniš is located in the central part of the Šibenik – Knin County. It is the administrative, economic and cultural center of the micro-region that stretches from the southern slopes of the mountain Promina to the Krka Canyon. In Drniš, protected natural areas are as follows: NP “Krka” and important landscape – Water stream and river Canyon Čikola and the cultural – historical heritage stands out. Continental tourism of Drniš area has excellent hiking opportunities. In addition to hiking the nearby mountains, there are a lot of opportunities to practice extreme sports (paragliding, rock climbing, etc.). One of the most wanted attraction is the Zip line in the Čikola Canyon which attracts more and more tourists eager adrenaline rush. Also planned is the development of rural tourism, arranging cycling, wine and smoked ham roads. There is also a rich source of gastronomic offers which emphasis on distin ctive local identity- Drniš smoked ham. Smoked ham, cheese, wine, bread and various baked dishes and indigenous wines that are available in the beautiful surroundings of rural farms that atracts visitors around the world



Mayor Josip Begonja M. sc

Meeting Rappresentative

Mayor of the Town Drniš last 4 years, during that period is characterized by the experience in the implementation of project “Development of tourism in the boundary areas of the National Park Krka” to promote authentic and attractive tourist offer in the area that borders to the national park. Supports the development of tourism in this area because it means increased business opportunities for their enterpreneurs with the potential of reducing unemployment. The goal is to promote care for the environment and local community, and administrative barriers reduce to a minimum and increase competitiveness.

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