The Ice Age river landscape in the northeast of Germany is unique to Europe and well worth a visit. There’s not just one reason for that. The 10,000 year-old Peene Valley is home to white-tailed eagles, beavers and co. at a density that is found nowhere else in the middle of Europe. Vikings and Slavs lived here more than 1000 years ago and traded peacefully with one another. Today, the Peene Valley is a European insider’s tip amongst the sustainable travel regions, prized with theEDEN Award. We, as tourism experts, are united with the vision to present this breathtaking landscape to people from near and far in a gentle way. And to do so for the next thousand years.

Western Pomeranian


Antje Enke

Antje Enke

Antje Enke, 45 years old, married, 3 children, living in the northeast of Germany. She has studied journalism and PR and have worked over ten years as a journalist with a newspaper. Since 2007 she is a freelancer in public relations and press-campaigns for tourism companies in her EDEN Destination Western Pomerian River District. She is part of EDEN BOA since 2012


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