Artists´Town Gmünd Experience

Experience one of the most beautiful and colourful small towns in Europe! Granted the EDEN AWARD 2011 (European Destination of Excellence) for sustainable urban development, the small town is focusing on art and culture during the last 25 years.

The beautiful location between two impressive national parks, the national park “Hohe Tauern” and the biosphere park “Nockberge” and the exemplarily preserved medieval town architecture are offering excellent conditions for a large variety of cultural events: exhibitions, museums, sculpture gardens, artists´ workshops, artists-in-residence and numerous galleries are presenting art and culture for every age and every taste.

The main summer exhibition at the “Stadtturm Gmünd”, one of the most important places of exhibition in Carinthia, is presenting internationally celebrated artists every year. At the “Pankratium” – the House of Amazement – the visitors do not only hear music but they can also see and feel it in fascinating experiments.

The “Porsche Automuseum” is attracting automobile fans from all over the world and the new “Stadtmuseum” that opens its gates in 2014 will present the interesting local history.

Numerous professional arts and crafts studios that are situated all over the town are inviting the visitors to look and to buy one of the unique works of art.

The numerous open galleries and studios are presenting contemporary fine arts, painting, photography, sculpting and media art and make the visit into an unexpected and uplifting experience.

The possibility to meet local artists and international artists-in-residence is creating something like a “cosmopolitan atmosphere” in the small town. And also art education programs for children are getting their due at the “Malwerkstätte“. F

rom May to September the summer academy Gmünd is offering a wide range of creative workshops, for example the mosaic workshop that is teaching the mosaic laying in the way of the famous “School of Ravenna”. And in the evenings you can choose from the most varied cultural events in Upper Carinthia: Concerts, theatre, cabaret or readings and even a new small cinema, the culture cinema Gmünd that is presenting high quality entertainment. The Artists´ Town would be pleased to welcome you!

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