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Laško – The confluence of good is situated almost in the heart of Slovenia and was first mentioned in writing many centuries ago. Featuring the healing thermal water, whose properties were well known even to the ancient Romans, Laško has always been known for special energy. Water from the Laško hills is renowned for its high quality which is of key importance for the character of beer. Gingerbread baker and mead producer Franz Geyer was aware of that importance, and in 1825 he started brewing beer here in Laško. Today, more than 190 years after the brewery was founded, beer brewing in Laško is still based on the love for this beverage and on the ancient traditions of master brewers. Not only beer but also honey produced in Laško with love and care is renowned for its high quality. Honey is a natural source of energy and particularly tasty in colder days.

Take advantage of wonders of nature and find relaxation for your body and soul! Brief vacation or a one-day trip to the destination of excellence will certainly fill you with joy. Experience the never ending thermal joys, various events and a rich cultural heritage, all in the beautiful colours of nature. Come visit us and try our honey and Laško beer!

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