Mostviertel Experience

Gourmands start their perfect day in the Mostviertel with a large regional breakfast in the 4-star Relax Resort Kothmühle in Neuhofen/Ybbs. Afterwards, they begin their day trip forwards to the baroque pilgrimage church Basilika Sonntagberg, designed by the famous Austrian architects Jakob Prandtauer und Joseph Mungennast as well as painter Daniel Gran. As the basilica was constructed on a hilltop about 700 metres above sea level, visitors enjoy a great panoramic view over the whole Mostviertel region with outstanding landmark mountain peak Ötscher to the south, and even more over the scenery of Bohemian Massif to Czech Republic to the north.

At noon, holidaymakers stop at the tavern Gasthaus Kappl in nearby village Biberbach, which stands out for its old tradition of soup-making. One will enjoy the savoury “Kappl-Suppe” (from beef) while sitting in the restaurant and listening to the history of this soup, or they just pass by for a soup-to-go. Another must-see of the four-sided farmstead is the antique wooden ceiling from 1640.

Later on, we recommend a visit in recently relaunched MostBirnHaus – House of the Most Pears in Ardagger Stift, where you can trace the history and life cycle of the perry pear, throughout centuries and seasons, from tree to glass. In the tasting room “Spezerei”, a colourful mix of regional delicacies including cookbooks and handicrafts are available to sample and buy. Once a month, regional perry producers present a wide range of perries, liqueurs and fine spirits in product tastings. In autumn, the MostBirnHaus shows the old tradition of air-drying fruit or conserving them -à la Mostviertel method-in Mason jars.

To become a real Mostviertel expert, it is essential to come over at Mostelleria – The Mysterious World of the Most Pear in Oed-Öhling near Amstetten. “Organic only” is the credo of the Perry Baron (Mostbaron) Josef Farthofer, owner of the distillery Farthofer. He produces excellent organic schnapps from apples, pears, plums and other fruit. One of this most significant success to date is the “O-Series” vodka, which in November 2012 was voted World’s Best Vodka at the “International Wine & Spirit Competition” in London from a field of 2,400 entrants from 90 countries. Another successful innovation from the house of Farthofer is Mostello, a pear dessert wine produced by the same method as port and aged in oak barrels. During a visit in the Mostelleria, housed in historic cellar buildings, Farthofers let you into the secrets of Mostello production and over 30 different organic schnappses and liqueurs, of course all made in Mo stviertel.

To round off your day in Mostviertel, get back to Ardagger and make a stopover in 4-star hotel restaurant Landhaus Stift Ardagger, which combines the best of two worlds, the world of architecture and the world of haute cuisine. The former abbey tavern and watering station from the 13th century was converted to a country house in a manner showing great respect for history and loving attention to detail. The restaurant also serves down-to-earth cuisine of the finest quality, putting the best in natural products from the Mostviertel on the plate.

Last but not least important to mention: On their way along the Mostviertel, holidaymakers can also choose environmentally friendly transport. Recently, local community initiated a dense e-car infrastructure with lots of charges and electric cars to rent.

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