Orseg Experience

Mistic fog above the bog in the morning, elves or birds clatter? After a short walk on the footbridge of Szőce moor, our children play in House of Moor. Our stomach urge to taste the local speciality: dödölle. After lunch visiting the Pityerszer Openair Museum we try to make pumpkinseed oil (hard work, but worth :-)) and we also learn how to bake round pretzel. Before going to our charming accomodation http://www.apathotel.hu/en/galeria/reszletek/10-environment/oldal/1/ we take a cart to explore the neighbouring woodland.

And what left for tomorrow? Potters, bike tour to the lake, hiking to the borderstone of Austria-Slovenia-Hungary and taste the local applejuice along the way http://www.kmetija.hu/sl/

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