Kaposvár is a friendly, human-scale, lovable city in the southwest of Hungary, accessible to all. It is known for its flowers, Art Nouveau buildings, fountains and painters, especially Jozsef Rippl-Rónai. The cultural season begins with carnival celebrations in February. In late spring, the city transforms into a Bohemian artist’s district for the ‘City of Painters’ festival and in August during the International Chamber Music Festival the audience can enjoy the performance of world-famous musicians plus additional art and tourist programmes. The adventure bath awaits the visitor with indoor and outdoor pools all year long. The city tourist information centre has full wheelchair access and provides Braille maps and audio guides for the visually impaired and a film with signalling for the hearing impaired. The city centre and many of the city’s museums, art galleries and cultural centres are also fully accessible for all visitors. The surrounding countryside of hills, lakes, forests and rivers is delightful and well worth discovering. Come and explore Kaposvár and its surroundings, where adventure faces you along the road!

Best Practice in Nature Experience

Winner 2016