Under the influence of its mining history, nowadays Linares is an open, cosmopolitan and welcoming city that offers a whole variety of resources and tourist attractions.
Its privileged location like Andalusia Gate, cultural identity, rooted bullfighting and flamenco tradition, gastronomy with its traditional tapas, the friendliness of its people, its convenience and accessibility, commitment for quality, its intense cultural activity and climate are some of the singularities that complement their tourism.
The historical area of Linares is located in the surrounding area of St María’s church, which is the main local monument. The peak of the mining in the 20th century caused an unstoppable urban development and a big economic incentive.
Due to this, one of the most significant consequences is the large part of monuments and architecture called industrial architecture. Nowadays, a walk through any of its streets is similar to lean out of a big window predominated over facades of the last third of the 19th century. The red brick, the glazed tiles and the wrought iron are the perfect combination in some of the most emblematic buildings in Linares.