Massif des ocres du Luberon

This is the story of a special land and a special soil in the heart of the Luberon.
Those unique colours, a mix of clay and iron were created by the forces of nature over 1 million years ago below a prehistoric sea. However, the landscapes were shaped by the hand of men who began extracting natural colours and exporting them all around the world. Ochre is also a testimony to the many changes that this part of the Luberon has experienced for several hundred years.
The Massif des ocres is the largest ochre deposit in the world. It extends from east to west for about 30 km, through Roussillon, Rustrel and Apt.
Easy itineraries have been developed to visit them, in the middle of the hills carved by mining : old quarries, galleries, circuses, cliffs, promontories, chimneys with warm hues.
Through hikes and walks, museums and exhibitions, you will also learn that industry can be a tradition.