Učka Nature Park Public Institution

Učka Nature Park is situated in the western part of the Republic of Croatia, running along the western coast of the Adriatic Sea and spreading into the northeast of the peninsula of Istra. With an area of 160 km2 it comprises the Učka mountain and part of the mountainous plateau of Ćićarija representing one of the distinguished points of biodiversity.

The limestone rocks, more than 200 speleological objects and Vela Draga canyon (a geomorphological monument of nature of the Republic of Croatia) are the main geological features of the Park. A plethora of 1300 plant species with the stenoendemic bellflower of Učka, 40 types of orchids, rare and medicinal herbs are crowned in higher altitudes with a lush beech-tree forest. Over 170 bird species abide in the park, including Eurasian Eagle-owl, Golden Eagle and Griffon Vulture, as well as the rare alpine salamander, indigenous sheep pramenka, chamois and many other animals of diverse habitats.

Učka’s highest peak, Vojak (1401 m), offers a magnificent 360° view of the Bay of Rijeka with northern Adriatic islands, mountain Velebit, the Gorski Kotar region and the entire Istra peninsula, in clear weather stretching all the way up to the Alps. This oasis of greenery offers many recreational activities including hiking, birdwatching, cycling, free climbing, paragliding and hang gliding.

To top it all off, charming chapels, shepherd dwellings and drystone walls embellish the picturesque settlements in the Park making thus one’s experience of this Croatian area complete.