Set in the centre of the Tigullio Gulf, Zoagli lies between the green hills and the rocks that dip down into the sea.The town leans on awide beachwhere the Sea Promenade starts from, winding round and some little caves, taking you to discover thewhole bay landscape,and to touch the sea. A real divers’ paradise,on the sea depthwe can admire the statue of Our Lady of the Sea, made by the sculptress Hastianatte. Those fond of walking in plein air can find a vast selection of hill tracks offering beautiful landscapes linking the three hamlets: Sant’Ambrogio,San Pietro and Semorile. Zoagli’s name has been associated with silk-velvets weaving for centuries. Today, two laboratories survive in town. Their skilfulness and art are still lively and operating, and their absolutely niche products preserve their original craft quality. Zoagli offers a warm hospitality in every season, thanks to the mild clime, the wonderful landscape and its peacefulness. In summer, musical appointments and dancing nights will take place, cheering your stay. Important events: on 5th August the celebration of Our Lady of the Sea, featuring an evocative cerimony on the sea