Eden Innovation Prize

Show, Share, Win

As it is established every year, it is time for you to show your best practices to our EDEN-community!

Winners will be presented on the General Assembly of EDEN Network on 11th April 2019 n the EDEN destination Neamţ Land

EDEN is not only standing for sustainable tourism but also for innovative approaches. Let us learn each other from our good practices and take part in 2019’s EIP contest.
All EDEN destinations are very welcome to apply !
Please send 3 – 5 good photos and a text explaining in the category you are applying at (text up to 250 words).
The 3 winners (one in each category) can win the travel costs to the next EDEN meeting in Romania – up to 200 Euros!


29th of March

Good practice about sustainable tourism indicator implementation

Is your destination measuring any indicators concerning sustainability – e.g. transport, environment, social impact? Let us know about it!

Trend in tourism: offers for LGBT (lesbian-gay-bisexual and transgender) community

The LGBT community is a very potent clientele (spending lots of money on travelling) so it
would be interesting to know if your destination has special offers for this target group, if
you recognize this target group in a certain way and how are your experiences?

Offers for the “Silver Generation”

The so called “silver generation” (persons aged 60+) is travelling much more than ever and requires special offers. Some also say the age of 70 is the new 50. How to do meet the
expectations of this group of travellers? Share your nicer experiences !

Please choose the EIP Category

Please fill with a description of your best practice in nature experience. The description will be not longer than 700 WORDS.

Please send us by email or wetransfer MAX 5 PICTURES describing your best practice.Pictures need to have minimum size 2000 (horizontal).

You can also send us a video by email: edenetwork.communication@gmail.com