10 Mar 2016 Active policies needed for a competitive and sustainable tourism sector
10 Mar 2016 OECD Tourism Trends and Policies 2016:Chapter on Sharing economy: the sharing economy has grown exponentially in recent years and much of this growth is in the tourism sector. Governments will have to deal with the challenges to consumer protection, regulation and taxation, to make sure that their economies can benefit from this trend. The report recommends modernising the rules and regulations covering the tourism industry so these are fit for purpose.


29 Feb 2016 Council Conclusions on the Single Market Strategy:RECOGNISES the opportunities for consumers and businesses presented by the collaborative economy and LOOKS FORWARD to the Commission’s guidance on the application of the EU acquis to the collaborative economy before mid-2016, in order to ensure legal certainty for businesses and consumers, including through uniform and predictable application of EU legislation within and between Member States. CALLS ON the Commission to actively involve stakeholders in this process and to keep the Council informed on the progress of this guidance.


4 Apr 2016 General Assembly

Advisory Committee on Tourism (TAC)

17 May 2016(TBC) Meeting

Manifesto for Growth and Jobs

16 Mar 201615h30-16h30ESPA, Rue d’Arlon 50, 1000 Brussels, second floor Extraordinary Manifesto Meeting with Commissioner Tibor Navracsics

The Netherlands EU Presidency