Experience in Bjelovar

Imagine a holiday for your body and soul – one where you are surrounded by a beautiful, centuries-old manicured park placed atop a spring of healing thermal waters and mineral mud. Daruvarske toplice spa resort, situated in the heart of Daruvar, will allow you to experience this special kind of relaxation. This modern health center, carefully integrated with nature, was built upon the architectural remains of the Roman settlement Aquae Ballisae, and boasts a long tradition and great experience in the use of healing waters and mineral mud. The next stop can be the beautiful, peaceful slopes of Bilogora, both the longest and the lowest hill in Croatia, alongside dense forests with an abundance of wildlife, there are also fields and pastures beside which lay quaint villages. For hundreds of years, people in these villages have been breeding livestock, producing milk, cheese, and cream, and from their houses we can smell the captivating scents of local cuisine and the old homemade food our grandmothers used to make. Near these villages are vineyards with small huts, some of which have recently become family wineries. Many families have decided to share their customs, culture, and homemade delicacies with their guests. Wherever you come, people will show you that hospitality is in their heart.