Experience in Crispiano

A typical tour across our territory starts at 9.30 a.m. after a delicious breakfast tasting excellent local products.
The start point is the beautiful Masseria Pilano, (www.pilano.it), an agritourism located in the heart of the Regional Park “Terra delle Gravine”, where a group of tourists is spending the week-end. Accompanied by an official guide, the group moves to masseria “Russoli” to visit the important “Centre for the conservation of the genetic patrimony of “Martina Franca” asinine race” where this famous donkey race is protected from the risk of extinction.
Perfect temperature and good weather, lush nature that discloses its Mediterranean scrub, an interesting botanical route and the friendly donkeys, fully capture the tourists.
It’s noon and after few minutes drive, the small group reaches masseria Francesca (Facebook page Masseria Francesca) (Facebook :- Il Moro di Puglia or masseria Francesca) where the Academy of Equestrian Art “Il Moro di Puglia” is located.
The Murgian horses, with their shiny black coat , are really beautiful and impressive with their pure magnificence.
At 1 p.m the guests are welcomed to the very ancient and imposing Masseria Del Duca (www.inmasseria.it) The visit, as well as the excellent productions, are very interesting. Dairy products, extra virgin olive-oil, fresh eggs and good wine fully catch the visitors.
At 2 p.m. A pleasant walk through the beautiful landscape of Masseria Mita (www.masseriamita.it) where centuries-old olive trees produce high quality extra -virgin olive oil and a modern vineyard offers fine wines. The old wood- oven is on and the flame is alive..a fine smell spreads in the air..Yes , bread and focaccia are ready to be tasted!

Another amazing masseria is on the road “Quis Ut Deus” S.P.A.&Resort, (www.masseriaquisutdeus.com) located at the feet of Murgia hills where wellness, peace, and privacy are fully assured.
Ten minutes drive and the tourists are pleasantly greeted with the breath taking scenery of Masseria “L’Amastuola”(www.amastuola.it) where history, art and nature meet in an original landscape.
It is almost dark …tomorrow will be another day and another beautiful experience.
This is only an example of our guided tour.
Besides masserie it is possible to visit Crispiano downtown (www.crispianoturismo.it) its historical Centre, the interesting Churches , the shops, the rock settlement of Vallone dating back to the XIII century, the Academy of tufa and pottery laboratories.
A long-lasting eno-gastronomic experience offers a large variety of dishes of the local tradition as well as the famous local tasty roast meat provided by the typical “Rosticcerie”.
A large variety of services is available to tourists including accomodation in masseria, hotel, agritourism and B&B, equestrian shows provided by Murgian horses, horse drawn carriages tours, folk shows, tasting of local products, show cooking, guided tours through to the ravines area, cycling tours, trekking and hiking.
All you need to do is to book your “Experience in Crispiano” we won’t disappoint you”!
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