Experience in Pirot

When the tourist come to Pirot he can feel the soul of the city. Wheter it is about historical heritage, gastronomy, generous people of Pirot, or the nature, the tourist will be amazed. He can visit midieval fortress at the entrance of the city called Kale or Momchilo`s fortress. He can also visit the monument dedicated to the fallen Jews, regional Museum od “Ponisavle”, many buldings protected by the state… Pirot is known by its dishes and beveriges, such are: ironed sausage, pirot`s hard cheese, dishes from mountain Stara planina, homemade rakia and vine. Pirot is also known by the tittle “Little Jerusalem” because it has many monasteries and churches, so the tourist can enjoy their peacefullness and spirituality. The city of Pirot also has unspoiled nature which is loved by every tourist that come. It is great oppportunity for the ones that do kayaking, skiing, hiking, fishing and so on.