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We are pleased to welcome You to Zemaitija National Park, Lithuania. A few days to share and get inspired to live Your dreams.

Excursions, places to visit, walking and cycling trails, festivals, fishing, catering, campsites, accommodation, rental, products of trademark will put You on a whirlwind, with a wide range of experiences.
Zemaitija National Park invites You to travel in the national park not only in summer but also in autumn, winter, spring, visit exhibitions, participate in events, excursions, learning new skills in educational programs.
Centre of visitors.
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  • The exhibition “The Mysteries of Zemaitija land” is opened to the public in the Visitor Centre.
  • Excursions around the Zemaitija National Park (excursions have to be booked in advance).
  • Detailed information on sightseeing locations, folk artists, craftsmen, walking and cycling trails and routes, other possibilities to take active rest in the Zemaitija National Park
  • Leaflets and other publications about the Zemaitija National Park, and souvenirs.


Zemaitija National Park staff organize various sightseeing tours: the natural, cultural, natural-cultural. Route length – from 0.5 km to 24 km, duration – from 1 to 8 hours. You can travel on foot, bicycles, cars.

Cold War Museum is located in the former Soviet Union`s complex of ballistic missile silo launch. Since 1963 up to 1978, there had been deployed four medium- range ballistic missiles SS-4, armed with 2- megaton power thermonuclear warheads. These missiles, together with the nearby terrestrial platforms of analogue missile launching, had created a common Soviet nuclear armament group in Lithuania, which was able to destroy all the Europe.

Manor of Plateliai has opened its doors to visitors. In the former estate Stable is founded Shrove Tuesday Museum, in the Barn – a modern historical-ethnographic, nature exposition, exhibition hall. A colorful exhibition of nature offers access to interactive wildlife of Park. Ethnographic exhibition highlights the ancient Plateliai – crafts, entertainments, courtiers and ordinary people’s lives. Visiting the Shrove Tuesday Museum at any time of year one can feel like in a whirl of Samogitian winter games. We invite You to visit.

Cycling around Lake Plateliai

This is one of the most popular tourism routes in the Zemaitija National Park, on which interesting objects of tourism, natural and cultural valuables, scenic panoramas are plentiful and tourism infrastructure is built.

Our team is ready to help You get the best impression of Zemaitija National Park, to co-create together unforgettable memories.

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Visitor Centre of Plateliai