Experience in Specchia

Specchia is a beautiful town located in the foothills of the Serra Magnone, one of the highest points in the province of Lecce in southern Puglia; Specchia is a country that has ancient roots, monuments and landscapes among the best in the Salento; thanks to its charming village which is situated in a strategic location overlooking the valley below, the historical center of Specchia is considered among the best in the Salento. The narrow streets closed to traffic and interrupted by flights of stairs enclose a fruit settlement largely spontaneous architecture that has come almost intact until the present day.
There are many monuments that you can visit that leave visitors spellbound.
The central castle Risolo, whose eastern front, overlooking Piazza del Popolo, is a sixteenth century building fortified structure, originally isolated and joint now to other buildings between which there are two tall towers and squares placed on the corners of the ancient quadrangular building; belonged to important families, are due to Protonobilissimi, Specchia Marquis interventions transformation from castle to marquis palace.
The most striking part of the village is behind the castle, where between steps and short and narrow streets, in the alleys and courtyards, there is the life of the people, almost always open, leaving dreams behind the windows ajar.
The church and the adjoining convent of the Franciscan Blacks have a certain date, 1531, when it was held in the friary Chapter of the Franciscan Blacks, as reported in an inscription. 1532 is the year of construction of the Chapel of St. Catherine the Martyr, beautifully frescoed with scenes from the life of St. Catherine and her martyrdom. The crypt, carved out of the rock is supported by 36 columns on four lines and carries traces of frescoes on the walls.

The parish church was built in 1605 but has undergone many renovations. The pillars are made of local stone stucco Venetian and the triumphal arches are decorated with floral motifs.
More interesting is the church of St. Nicholas, built in the IX-X century and in 1587 it restored and converted to the Latin rite, as recalled by the plaque on the facade.
Finally, the church of St. Eufemia, a medieval shred disposed toward the east, whose apse consists of regular blocks of local stone, has a polygonal shape.
Specchia, briefly described above, in any season, the scene of numerous cultural, folkloric events, the show that make it even more attractive for the tourist who is trained in the charm of this hidden Italy.
Because our territory is located far from the sea, and being therefore less frequented by tourists who usually come on our coast especially for spa stays, all actions are carried out to entice tourists to stop and visit the artistic and cultural potential unexpressed of our community.
The summer season in particular, becomes the scenario of a full calendar of author events including theater, music, dance, sports, cinema and tradition.
I would like to highlight some events of the summer season that highlight unequivocally as Specchia is a place of deep cultural and artistic activities.
Specchia is proud to boats the brand “The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy” in 2004 and in 2007 was honored by the European Commission with the l ‘”European Destination of Excellence Award Eden” as the best emerging rural destination; Specchia was one of the first local entities to adhere to the “Apulia Film Commission Foundation”. In February 2013 received by the Prime Minister’s Office, Department of General Affairs, Tourism and Sports, the title of City of Jewel of Italy, along with other 20 small Italian towns. From March 26 this year Specchia is also Flag of the Italian Touring Club Orange. Since February 2016 also adds the title of Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club.