At the confluence of good tourists can discover a lot of green stories. From Roman times on Laško and Rimske Toplice have been known for its hot springs of thermal water in the middle of unspoiled nature along the river Savinja. Today locals are best known for beer and honey and its centuries-old tradition.

Honey stories – Visitors can learn about the benefits of bee products on health and life optimism at the local beekeepers. In addition, the beekeepers hold presentations about beekeeping. Visitors have the opportunity to taste and purchase honey products at local beekeepers, at tourist information center and on local market. Šolar beekeeping has a 30-year tradition in beekeeping as well as in one of the oldest crafts in Slovenia: making honey dough products. They hold demonstrations of the making and decorating of honey dough in which visitors can also be involved by trying to decorate the biscuits in traditional way. Another interesting part of art crafts is painting beehive panels, where the visitors can create their own unique beehive panel and have a special souvenir from Laško. They can also indulge in apitherapy or “bee therapy” which is the medicinal use of products made by honeybees. The use of the beehive products helps strengthen health, prevents and treats different conditions. In the Laško spa park visitors can find garden of honey-bearing plants with an exhibition featuring the Carniolan honey bee, which is native to Slovenia. There are plenty of honey-bearing plants, where honey bees collect a sugar-rich sticky liquid. Thermal spa Thermana Laško also offers well-being programmes based on honey. The Laško Municipality has been awarded the title of a “bee-friendly municipality” and Thermana Laško »bee-friendly company«. In 2016 was also opened new traditional municipal apiary as a learning beehive for children.

Beer experience -The brewing tradition in Laško dates back to 1825, when the mead producer and gingerbread baker Franz Geyer brewed the first Laško beer. Visitors can learn about the tradition and modern brewing procedures in the oldest Slovenian brewery where they also can taste the Laško beer and purchase unique souvenirs connected with the brewery Laško. They can also learn about the traditional way of pouring beer and learn about the brewing industry at Laško Museum. For ultimate experience tourists can stay overnight at Bed&Breakfast Savinja where the first mug of Laško beer was brewed. Thermal spa Thermana Laško also offers well-being programmes based on beer and beer hops.

Gastronomy – Laško cuisine is seasonally and locally oriented; a lot of restaurants use local ingredients from farms around Laško. Some of the restaurants use also beer and honey as a main ingredient for cooking. Visitors can also taste the traditional and unique honey pie with warmed cream from Thermana Laško. At the local tourist information center and a local market visitor and locals can buy homemade products from farms in Laško.

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