Landscape experts

The province of South Limburg currently has sixty Landscape Experts. These entrepreneurs have all completed the course Gastheer van het Nationaal Landschap Zuid Limburg (‘Expert on the national landscape in South Limburg’). A new course will be offered this autumn.
Over the course of four sessions, participating restaurateurs learn about the origins of the South Limburg landscape and about the nature, cultural history, flora and fauna, and opportunities for collaboration, storytelling, and recreation the region has to offer.
The various excursions help participants experience what they learned in practice. This course aims to help entrepreneurs provide their guests with more information about the region’s unique landscape and natural surroundings. It also helps them showcase their businesses and present themselves as passionate landscape experts. In addition, the course will help to establish a network of landscape experts who can collaborate with nature organizations or the national park to arrange special offers and events, such as forest brunches, cultural activities, and cookbooks.
In short, this is a win-win situation for nature, recreation, and the economy that helps entrepreneurs generate support for their environment and for nature policies and nature management.

Below you will find several quotes from entrepreneurs who have taken this course in the past:
• ‘I look at my environment in a whole new light since taking the course. I’ve gained a much better understanding and awareness of its value and uniqueness. I also radiate pride and pleasure, which my guests pick up on. As a result, more than 90% of them come back. This percentage has increased significantly thanks to my new take on the South Limburg landscape!’
• ‘This course gives you a wonderful glimpse into the nature around us. It teaches you a lot about the origins of our landscape and makes you more respectful of what we’ve been given.’
• ‘A fun, relaxing, and informative course taught by true professionals.’
• ‘A course like this should become a standard part of primary school curricula; it gives you wonderful new insights into the nature around us.’
• ‘The course has changed the way I experience nature. I see much more than I used to and experience things more fully and more intensely.’

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