Mincio Park

“I volti della natura in città” (Natural faces in the city) is the title of excursions program that Parco del Mincio is running around Mantova city and in the nearby natural reserve and Eden destination “Valli del Mincio” for an amount of more than forty naturalistic events into nature from April to October 2016.
It consists in hikes with professional guides – by bike, walking or sailing on little boats -, combined with theatrical animations, tastings and events, in order to discover the natural side of Mantova, Italian Capital of Culture 2016, the city symbol of our EDEN Destination.
More than two thousand people have gone to the discovery of herons, marsh grasses, local traditions, ancient trees, sunrises and sunsets from Mincio river. With naturalist guides, the participants discovered the EDEN on foot, by bike, by boat (even at night). All people have found how many good emotions can transmit a place EDEN.
Some examples.
During the “European Week of Parks” we have ran a “Biobliz”: explorers of biodiversity for a Day, with naturalistic experts that have assisted families in recognition of species of birds and trees. The photos taken by the participants were published on international platform Inaturalist.org , and so all have helped to increase the “database” of the world’s biodiversity.
And, again, we have studied and admired nature painted by the painters of the Renaissance in the halls of the palaces of the Gonzaga and, in the same day, we have explored the true nature of the destination EDEN.
More of history and nature suggestions: an evening trip to the discovery of colonies of bats living in the tunnels of a Napoleonic fortification with special opening dedicated EDEN event.

And more than 100 photos printed in large format and representing the EDEN nature, constitute an exhibition in the heart of Mantua, exibited at Giulio Romano’s Logge from July to late September.

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