Mincio Park

Mincio Park offers to visitors experiences involving a network of economic operators in the EDEN area and offers to guests emphatic experiences, mostly in our wetland place “Valli del Mincio”. The guests Immerse themselves in a sort of “natural sanctuary”, rich in floating and blooming vegetation, many heron’s species and other kind of protected birds.

Mincio Park organizes annual hiking programs in the nature. The excursions involve many local operators: environmental guides, shipping companies, hospitality staff in hostels, experts in local gastronomy, artists and performers, musicians, museums, canoe and bicycle rental services. In 2017, 18 activities were carried out involving 1.300 partecipants. We promoted guided tours often accompanied by show cooking. The participants also came from other cities and, among these, foreign tourists from Garda Lake. There were involved 14 operators (companies, associations, private professionals).

School tourism also produces economic development. In 2017, 147 school classes joined the proposals for nature excursions and environmental education that we organized. A total of 3266 students and 300 teachers. The activities fueled the economy of transport, tourism and catering.

We launched also an incoming call. Some travel agencies and tour operators replied: they drafted 16 travel proposals. Their value varies from € 30 to € 270 per person. Ex .: http://www.parcodelmincio.it/Epacchetti_dettaglio.php?id=241

Finally, the website www.parcodelmincio.it offers an information service dedicated to hostels, residences and accommodation facilities which are particularly ecologically sustainable. The webpage is completed by an extensive database that offers the possibility to book online all the accommodations. The webpage “where to stay” http://www.parcodelmincio.it/dormire.php received 6135 (+211% VS 2016) visits in 2017.

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