Monte Isola

Monte Isola is an island located at the very center of Lake Iseo. Life in Monte Isola is way more different than life on the mainland: here there are no cars. The only vehicles allowed on the island are motorbikes belonging to residents and bicycles.

Monte Isola organizes every years several festival that involve our culinary products and local crafts. Events are organized together with local businesses, in order to make the visitor participate to our native crafts. The municipality promoted the establishment of an association that gather all the producers of extra virgin oil. The aim is to create and offer oil themed package holydays including the possibility to buy products from the producer.

Maji Raku Project is an artistic installation made by four local artists, which spent a lot of time with crafters, focusing on landscapes in which integrate the installation. The installations has been assembled all over the island: this gave the visitors the possibility to discover the villages with their own pace: the installation let the tourist enjoy the territory how they prefer.

“Around the Floating Piers” was a project created to make inhabitants able to re-enter in possession of their island and make visitors involved in the knowledge of the island. Everyday, twice a day, for two hours straight, a theatrical representation involved the spectators in a path along the island, in order to discover the economic realities. The stories were about inhabitant and their work with the lake. All the collected data will be part of our future heritage as “collective memory”.

Municipality of Monte Isola decided to submit all the documents required to become part of World Heritage. This candidacy is a natural response to the needs of this island: the willing to preserve our history, our craftsmanship, our environment and assure a sustainable tourism made our UNESCO Candidacy unavoidable.

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