Eden Nin – a mysterious attraction with a turbulent history, exceptional cultural heritage, unusual festivals and preserved customs. In the shallow lagoon, on a heart shaped island, is the old city core of Nin, where life began 3000 years ago and is among the oldest Mediterranean cities. The remnants of many civilizations can be experienced on the islet. Nin was an important seaport in the Adriatic, Roman municipality, in the Middle Ages it was the first Croatian royal town and capital, and 500 years it has been a sacred place. Nin is full of countless legends, which offers countless stories for a remarkable cultural experience:
1. One of Judas Silver coins is preserved in the 15th c. church treasury of Nin.
2. The big toe of Gregory of Nin is among the ten most attractive world symbols of luck. Legend states that visitors who touch his shiny big toe will have their wishes fulfilled.
3. The Museum of Nin Antiquities holds the original old Croatian ship Condura Croatica(11th c.) whose replica is docked along the city bridge.
4. The most famous symbol of Nin- church of St. Nicholas(12th c.) is located on top of a hill where seven kings were crowned.
5. The Pre-Romanesque St. Cross church(9th c.) was named the smallest cathedral in the world according to Thomas Graham Jacksons. It was built as a sun dial and a calendar and is compared to Stonehenge.
6. Church of St. Anselm, formerly the first Croatian cathedral(6th-18th c.), located in the center of the city. Next to it is a 16th c. chapel with a marvelous statue of Our Lady of Zečevo.
7. Remains of the largest temple(1st c.) on the eastern Adriatic.
8. Nin has been a Marian place of pilgrimage for 500 years. Church processions are held 3 times a year, and pilgrimages with Our Lady’s statue twice a year May 5th and August 5th.
9. Preserved manual salt harvesting skills since Roman times.
10. Preserved skill of Sokol making, local delicacy of unparalleled taste.
11. Preserved craftsmanship of traditional wooden boats.

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