In case you belong to the silver generation and feel the monotony of everyday life, Nin will surely be a sight for your sore eyes, and the stay there will serve as a cure for your soul and body reminding you that the enjoyment of life lasts forever. We bring to you a story about your ideal holiday spot – the romantic town of Nin.

Nin is an Eden destination, and this label has given it the title of one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. The unique sandy Nin Lagoon has been classified into the ecological network NATURA 2000 and is found at the heart of the five Croatian national parks. It was here that the town of Nin originated 3000 years ago, clustered in a small area of the historical islet.

Love is definitely the strongest emotion, and Nin is a romantic town for all generations. The way it mysteriously attracts  the “Silver Generation” is depicted in the following 2 stories. Marija and Julijan met and lived in the continental part of Croatia. They renewed  their vows of a happy 50-year marriage in Nin. It was love that brought them to Nin and they replaced their holiday time in Nin by permanently  living there  and now  you can see them walking along the coasts holding hands on a daily basis. This is their reality and the beauty of one of the myriad of love stories from Nin. We kindly ask you to take a look at the film about them and their grandchildren.

Our second story is about the Austrian couple Marina and Juergen, who were attracted to Nin by several emotional holidays. The love for the historic town, the clean and untouched nature, long sandy lagoons, the divine view of the Velebit Mountain which is really breathtaking, the local lifestyle and the love of birds all inspired this couple. Now you can surely see them at the annual gathering of bird watchers  and countless traditional events.

We invite you to experience the following: Become a salt picker for at least one day, experience what our saltworks offer and visit the museum and salt house. At the Eko health resort, the medical staff will help you restore your vitality and eliminate back pain and difficulty in movement using therapy involving healing mud. The mysterious Nin has for centuries been sanctified by the Mother of God who gathers believers and the curious around the miraculous statue of Our Lady of Zečevo several times a year . For a moment, plunge among the pilgrims and explore the local tradition through pilgrimages and processions. Be an archeologist and independently explore the turbulent history of the town with irresistible energy. Discover why one of Judas silver coins is preserved there, why it was one of the most important ports of the Adriatic, why it hides the largest Roman temple on the eastern Adriatic coast, why the Croats chose it to be their first capital, look for the church which resembles a castle, find out why there is a church called the smallest cathedral in the world located in Nin … After a tour, taste the Mediterranean cuisine and unravel the local delicacy with outstanding flavor  named sokol. Discover for yourself why Nin is a romantic and Eden destination.

If you prefer an active holiday, there are several opportunities: ride a bike, run along the wooden paths of the lagoon, learn to play mini-golf, ride on horseback, enjoy all the water sports at Camp Zaton. The saying goes that age is just a number so you can learn to fly kite above the shallow lagoon at the surfing school all year round.

Nature lovers are attracted to the enriched bird world as well as the unique landscape of low muddy and sandy shores with moorland parts of exceptional importance for Croatia and Europe. Long relaxing walks through untouched nature along with the unforgettable sunsets are all a part of the memories which you will carry in your heart forever .

Nin, the legendary town has it all for a pleasurable life and an extraordinary holiday.


If you prefer to enrich your individual holiday program with new discoveries, our agency will take care of it and you will go to sea with the local fishermen, learn to watch birds, play the local tambourine instrument, take part in professional photography courses, learn to prepare the local specialties, become a painter for several days or be part of the art colony, visit the local donkey farm etc. Info:



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