The story of salt is a story about Nin’s history of birds, smells, tastes and love, all connected in eco-salt. The Salt Pans of Nin is an unusual an¸ the magical park and a local economy whose production originates from Roman times. There is a stone flood gate from that time period in the salt fields. The story of salt emerges from wars, celebrations, love, pleasure and work. During Nin’s 3000 year old history many things have changed, but the production of salt hasn’t. Salt is still harvested by hand, sun, sea and wind. The knowledge of traditional production is passed by family linage. This tourist attraction is offered in a creative and innovative way:
1. In the Museum of Salt through photos and old tools.
2. Well-trained guides educate you about salt through tours: Romantic Route, Historical Roman Passage, Harvester Experience, Bird watching, all are tailored to children and people with disabilities.
3. From June to September, enhance your experience by a direct view of the salt harvesters who collect this gift from the sea.
4. During the off season in the Salt House by interactive games and educational films.
5. During the Open Doors Day in June, July and August you see this white gold.
6. Festival of Salt is held in August with events where visitors are involved in harvesting salt, cooking and creative workshops, with various competitions.
7. In October, during the European Day of Bird counting, the local tourist board and ornithologists educate guests in the importance of our lagoon and swamp areas and the 200 bird species nesting and living in the salt pans.
8. Unique souvenirs are offered in the Salt Museum: Flower of salt, cooking salt, bath salt, chocolate and ice cream with Flower of salt.
Ecological salt production offers natural taste, touch, texture and emotion.

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