Northern Velebit National Park

The Tourism Product Transnational Mobility Model for Seniors in Pilot EDEN Destinations with the slogan: “Slow down to feel the life in EDEN destinations” connected four neighbouring countries – Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, and Italy as test country. After capacity building, workshops, and SMEs training, and experience exchange, seniors 55+ (women and couples) from Italy tested 2 tourist products in five EDEN destinations and evaluated the program. Within the period of five years the key goal of project is to raise the mobility of seniors in EDEN destinations, extend the tourism season and increase SMEs competitivenes and job growth.

Northern Velebit National Park offers beautiful landscape – a number of karst forms, a lot of protected area, numerous hiking trails with an astonishing peaks and views. A wildlife is also diverse – a high number of endemic plant and animal species, diverse and pure habitats. Surrounding area offers authentical destinations and hospitable people which through their willingness present cultural heritage, gastronomic offer and everydays habits. Also nearby of Adriatic Sea and other protected areas increases tourism offer and possibilities for trip planning.

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