Scattery Island

Located just off Kilrush in Co. Clare, Scattery Island is truly  a unique visitor experience on the Wild Atlantic Way. Our Silver Generation Guests to the island fall in love with the wealth of historic sites, which includes five Churches, a Cathedral, a magnificent Round Tower, Napoleonic War Artillery Battery and a working Lighthouse. Today the island is completely uninhabited and guests can explore its ancient historic sites and experience its unspoilt natural beauty in peace and tranquillity.

Our Island Experience begins with a departure from Kilrush Marina through the locke gates.  Our ferry has a hinged door that allows for easy onboard access. We then cruise through the smooth waters of the Shannon Estuary past the neighbouring Hog Island and picturesque Cappa Village. On arrival to the island, guests begin their scenic walking tour around the monastic sites while they listen to the fascinating story of the island that begins with St. Senan, who established a monastery there in the 5th Century.  The story continues with the Viking invasion and Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland who defeated the Limerick Vikings in a great battle on Scattery, the arrival of the Spanish Armada, right up to the last of the islanders who lived on Scattery up to 1976.  They will visit the islands round tower that is believed to predate Clonmacnoise, St. Senan’s grave and the islands well, which is said to have special healing powers! Once the tour is completed, guests are free to explore the Southern end of the island where they can visit the islands Napoleonic Artillery Battery and working lighthouse. Scattery really is the ideal destination for anyone interested in Ireland’s rich cultural history.

The walking paths are predominantly grassy paths and there are no large hills to climb. The walking pace of the tour is slow and there is plenty of seating areas along the tour to allow guests to rest, soak up the ambience and listen to the lapping waters on the shoreline.

Once back onboard, our guests can avail of a hot cup of tea and relax onboard until the ferry departs.  We ensure that guests  have all facilities such as a water dispenser, and toilet facilities  both on the ferry and the island. We also keep a stock of complimentary umbrellas onboard in case of a shower.. well.. it is Ireland afterall!!

Scattery leaves a lasting impression with visitors of the Silver Generation who really do appreciate the island’s rich cultural history. It is as if the land and the buildings are talking to you – a silent speech, about its life and times and the great people who lived there during a history that spans from the 5th to the 20th century.


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