Time to enjoy life to the fullest!
Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of daily life, endless obligations and deadlines, city noise and pollution?
You deserve a vacation tailored to your desires – pleasure for your senses, soothing for the body and soul – the city of Sinj and the Cetina Region. The uniqueness of this remarkable region lies in the variety and numerous opportunities lying at the disposal of the ever welcome visitors. There are not many places where the God-given beauty and the fruits of human labor blend into such an ideal whole which will please even the most demanding among us.
Starting from the chestnut trees of the Alka race track, safeguarded by the Sikirica’s sculpture Alkar, immerse yourselves into the magical world of the city of the knights. Three world-class museums will enchant you with their valuable exhibits: Museum Alka of Sinj, the Europa Nostra Award winner for 2018, is one of the state-of-the-art museums in Croatia. You will be astounded by the interactive presentation of the knightly tournament under the protection of UNESCO. The renovation of the Museum of the Cetinska Krajina Region is being funded by the European Union as a part of the Sinj u sridu project. The Museum preserves an invaluable archaeological and ethnological treasure as well as the Archaeological collection of the Franciscan monastery, the fourth oldest and the fourth most important collection in Croatia. Be sure to visit the Church of the Miraculous Madonna of Sinj, masterpiece of the religious art and the greatest Marian shrine in southern Croatia. Particularly inspiring is The Our Lady of Sinj Route, a pilgrimage path charted by the old walking trails and the old railway of Sinj, called rera, which takes you to a spiritually fulfilling journey enriched with the picturesque landscapes, bridges and ancient fortresses, witnesses of times long forgotten.
People of Sinj are happy to organize numerous manifestations in order to save the valuable heritage from oblivion: every manifestation will enrich you in its own unique way.
Only ten minutes walking distance from the square is the Kamičak fort, a small fort that was once an observatory, and today keeps accurate time and offers a beautiful view of Sinj – a panoramic view reaches far into the fertile soil called Sinjsko polje interlaced with the flow of the Cetina river, the karst beauty. A little further away, a beautifully decorated path leads to the Old Town fortress with the view reaching even further to the peaks of the mountains Kamešnica, Dinara, Svilaja and Visoka, vigilant watchers that will instantly lure you to explore their many hiking and walking trails.
Push your own limits and go hiking or trekking; unspoiled nature will endow you with power. Protected landscapes of Sutina and Rumin conceal an invaluable treasure of flora and fauna and no outing will remain unrewarded. You will also be astounded by the breath of past on solid foundations of old mills that once fed generations grinding wheat with the power of water, perfectly symbiotic with nature.
The source of life and the sovereign ruler of this region, the clear river Cetina will gladly take you canoeing down its gentle flow and convince you that age is nothing but a number – pleasure is limitless.
You can experience firsthand the unique connection between the Town of Alka and the the noble horses: climb the saddle and treat yourself to an unforgettable horseback riding experience across the field Sinjsko polje and the hippodrome, the second largest in Croatia, in the safe hands of the qualified horse riding instructors.
When you are in Sinj, you do it our way – satiate your hunger with the traditional meals that will tickle your taste buds for quite some time and you will want to know how they are prepared. Complement everything with maraština and hrvaština types of homemade wine.
Beautiful in all seasons, Sinj will provide you with a holiday you’ve always been dreaming about, and so much that you didn’t even think you needed. Apart from the many possibilities of affordable and cozy accommodation, all you have to do is pick the date and let your spirit and body be completely healed.

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