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E-ONE Days – European Outdoor Nature Expercience

The project “European – Outdoor Network Experience” (Acronym E-ONE) was a project that answered to the call for proposal Collaborative Partnership of Programme ERASMUS + Sport. It involved 9 partners form 8 different European Countries: Municipality of Terni (Italy – Coordinator of the project), Province of Malaga (Spain), Universidad Catolica San Antonio de Murcia (Spain), Foundation for the Promotion of Social Inclusion in Malta (Malta), Municipality of Koge (Denmark), Associação da Madeira de Desporto para Todos (Portugal), Municipality of Pitea (Sweden), Hranická rozvojová agentura (Czech Republic), Association of Municipal Clerks in Bulgaria (Bulgaria).
The project’s core was the will to build a European network of stakeholders operating, with various roles and functions, in the field of sport and “non-organised” activities, as described in the EU Physical Activity Guidelines, with particular reference to “Outdoor” sports and “Open-air” activities.
Primary aim of the network was to prove and promote the fundamental and strategic role that such types of sports and activities play inside a multi-sectorial and integrated approach oriented towards the adoption of the EU Physical Activity Guidelines. Health, physical activity, wellness and quality of life integrated with the practice of “Outdoor” sports will improve and increase the social, economic and cultural growth of European citizens.
The E-ONE project was divided into the following main actions:
1. Meetings between partners:
• Kick-Off meeting in Malaga (Spain), 11th – 13th June 2015: The first meeting of all partners to share the objectives and work-programme of the project.
• Mid-term conference in Terni (Italy), 10th – 12th September 2015: This meeting was important to check the status of the project and to testify the management of tasks by all partners. It was organized during the main event E-ONE Days.
• Final conference in Riva del Garda (Italy), 25th – 27th May 2016: the final meeting to end all actions foreseen in the project and to discuss about the follow-up of the project.
2. Creation and activation of a Network of stakeholders for information, promotion, enhancement of the EU Guidelines on Physical Activity through the practice of Sport “Outdoor” and “non-Organised” activities. Partners had the primary task to promote the Network, its objectives and its activities, collecting expressions of interest from target groups (direct and indirect) and entering into specific agreements for membership of the Network for the expansion and enhancement of it. The main tool for the promotion was the web site of the project
3. Survey Activity: How much and how European citizens practice outdoor activities? This research activities was essential to study the approach of people to outdoor sport and activities, to understand what people like to do and how they prefer to practice sport. This action was coordinated by UCAM University that spread questionnaires in all partners countries of the project with the help of members of the network. Results of this survey activity were discussed during the final conference.
4. Organization and implementation of the main event of the project: E-ONE Days (Terni and Marmore Falls, 10th – 13th September 2015). Four days of demonstrational events to promote the importance of outdoor sports and activities in wonderful locations as Marmore Falls. All partners travelled in Italy with own stakeholders and young people interested to try the importance of sport for psychophysical wellbeing.
5. E-ONE Challenge: competition of ideas for young people (18-30) for the design of spaces, areas and services in urban and extra-urban zones dedicated to “Non-Organised” and “Outdoor” physical activities in an “Sports for all” perspective. Young people all over Europe took place at the contest with the aim to reassess urban and extra-urban areas dedicated to practice of outdoor sports and activities. The winner group came from Malaga (Spain) and all members of the group won an “outdoor experience” on Garda Lake (included flight tickets, overnights, meals). This prize was thought to show to young people as a wonderful landscape as Garda Lake can be used for outdoor sport and activities in a sustainable way.

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