Slovenske Konjice

Exceptional cultural offers

The Žiče Charterhouse, a serene beauty in Saint John the Baptist Valley: Experience the eloquent silence of this former Carthusian monastery located in the pristine setting of Saint John the Baptist Valley, a stone’s throw from the hustle and bustle of Slovenske Konjice. The Charterhouse has been recounting unusual tales to passers-by ever since the 12th century. Today, it is the home to four permanent exhibitions on the Carthusian past and the history of the Konjice area. A potter and a herbalist are busy at work behind its walls, while the sparkling wines of a Konjice company by the name of Zlati grič mature in peace and quiet in the sparkling wine cellar. The souvenir shop is replete with locally-made products. And here the descendant of the world’s oldest vine from Lent in Maribor is thriving. The monastery is becoming a popular venue for weddings, which are organised with great care by the Gastuž Restaurant staff, the oldest still functioning restaurant in Slovenia, which has been in operation since 1467 and takes great pride in bearing the Gostilna Slovenija trademark sign. Not only is Žiče Charterhouse becoming a venue for attractive cultural events, such as musical evenings, spiritual, poetry, theatre and dance retreats and art colonies, it is also gaining recognition as a popular digital detox retreat destination, as it is full of potent energy points and has limited telephone signal strength. Slowly but surely, Žiče Charterhouse is awakening from a centuries-long slumber. In 2015, it was proclaimed a monument of national importance along with the Visitation of the Virgin Mary Church in Špitalič, the only remnant of the former lower house the monastery. Visitors can visit it individually in the company of exquisite audioguides available in five languages, while bigger groups can enjoy it in the company of a local torust guide. Visiting Charterhouse Žiče means entering another world, another unforgettable dimension and offers retreat from every day noise.

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