The Burren

Building trust and relationships with the community has been a hallmark of BEN (Burren Ecotourism Network)

BEN members invest a huge amount of time working together to achieve the Destination strategies, at the beginning of the project all tourism enterprises that form the network took a leap of faith (as there’s a long lead time for return on investment), their willingness to get over old boundaries and parochialism and to join together for the good of the destination has been rewarded with a strong and independent Network of like minded businesses. Every member makes a financial contribution annually and invest their time participating in one of our subgroups.
One of the most successful achievements in the network was the formation of the Burren Food Trail, which connected restaurants, pubs, food producers, farmers and markets of the Burren Region.
The members of the Burren Food Trail are bound by their commitment to building a sustainable future for the region. Each of the featured restaurants offers a Burren Food Trail Signature Dish to savour. Each member has achieved recognised quality awards and standards, and has also signed up to the Burren Food Trail Customer Promise: you will find staff who are knowledgeable about the regional food story, menus which state the source of local produce, information on local food events and markets as well as a commitment to maximise the use of local ingredients in all prepared food
The Burren presents a challenging environment in which to produce food. The passion and determination of the farmers and producers shines through and is evident in all aspects of their working lives in the Burren. The link to the environment in terms of agriculture, history, food and tradition is what resonates through the landscape, keeping it safe for many generations to come. The tourism season in The Burren has significantly increased in the past 4 years, from May/September to now March/November.

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