Wild Taiga

Wild Taiga area has spectacular wilderness and nature based experiences to offer. The area has plenty of forest, lake and river areas with precious wildlife in the beautiful sparsely populated region in Eastern Finland. In 2008 Wild Taiga won the EDEN award as an intriguing nature destination.

Wild Taiga is attractive destination for different special tourist groups that want to find genuine experiences. It covers two municipalities in Kainuu, Kuhmo and Suomussalmi. In the Kuhmo area alone, there’s over 100 rapids and many interesting places for special groups like fishermen, for example.

Now, Wild Taiga is taking new and bold measures to further support the sustainability in the area. Selected rivers are restored to better enable the reproduction of native wild fish population. Especially these measures will support the native brown trout to survive and thrive in the waters of Wild Taiga area.

To reproduce brown trout needs specific conditions. The river bottom needs to be crude and include different areas. Trout needs small gravel on the bottom of the river to lay the eggs. When the eggs hatch, the small trout fry needs bigger rocks to take cover and shelter near the river banks. The adult fish needs even bigger boulders to hide behind in the strong current. That’s why the varied and correct type condition of river bottom is necessary for the spawning to succeed.

Besides the important nature aspect, these new innovative ways of responsibility and sustainability make the destination even more attractive also to new customer groups. Like, for example women who are enthusiastic about fly fishing and who really care about the nature values and wild healthy fish population.

The measures Wild Taiga is taking, are supporting trout and other native fish to live and reproduce. This enables to sustain possibilities to have even larger, new customer groups internationally to Wild Taiga area. And therefore add the appeal of this tourism destination.

For further information, please contact:

– Tuomo Tahvanainen, director, Kainuun Etu Oy, tuomo.tahvanainen@kainuunetu.fi

– Jaana Keränen, Sales Manager, jaana@wildtaiga.com