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Be active at National Park Kemeri

Sustainable tourism has become a serious guideline at national level including the cities. One option how to deal with sustainability is foundation of National Parks. National parks are broad areas which are characterised by outstanding nature formations of national significance, landscapes and cultural heritage landscapes untouched by human activities or nearly natural, a diversity of biotopes, abundance of cultural and historical monuments, and peculiarities of cultural environment.

Jurmala is acting

Of course Jurmala is not an exception. Jurmala’s natural and cultural heritage tourism resources are protected and sustainably developed. There are developed sustainable high-quality health, conference, cultural and active tourism products and services with high added value.

Find a balance right here

It is important to find a balance between health, activities and environment and National Park Kemeri is on the right way.
National Park Kemeri is founded in 1997 with aim to preserve nature and culture historical values in this territory, as well as promote nature education. National Park covers an area of 38,165 ha.

Territory is made to conserve and keep nature, cultural and balneological values.
Kemeri National Park as a fragile gemstone keep in itself Latvian and European rare natural values – intact raised bogs, wet alder forests, meadows and birds abound in the coastal lakes. It is a refuge and location for many rare and protected plant and animal species.

You can find great richness and diversity of main nature values. For example, there can be found almost all types of forests typical to our latitude. This diversity also include bogs, meadows, seaside, and lakes, sulphur springs, birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, spiders and herbals.

At National Park Kemeri you can:

  • National park Kemeri offers long and healthy strolls along nature trails and in park territory existing roads and trails, for instance, in Ķemeri Raised Bog, Ragakapa Nature Park’s trail, Sloka Lake sightseeing tower and Sloka Lake trail, Melnalksnu fen trail.
  • For other activity lovers is possible to ride a bike both – on specially marked routes and in the park area along existing roads. There are seven bicycle routes in city.
  • There is also possibility to take horseback riding, by the way, which is curative.
  • If you have intention to explore nature the bird and animal watching is just right for you! The best time for bird watching is spring and early summer, early in the morning or evening, as well as autumn when bird migration is most visible. Annualy there is organized Bat’s night, also twice a year hosted bird days.
  • Another option is going for fishing. Fishing is allowed in all National Park Kemeri waters, taking into account existing legislation. Also for fishing you need to buy a license.
  • Also you can choose to go for boating or pick up berries and mushrooms.
  • Interesting ecotourism offer is a getting along Nature Park trail Ragakapa to Jurmala’s open-air museum to taste fresh smoked fish and see the fishermen’s household utensils and fishing trade related things.

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