Virtual General Assembly of AISBL Eden Network

in accordance with our Statutes

This General Assembly is structured with 3 parts:

  • Part 1 – Evaluation of 2016
  • Part 2 : Accounts
  • Part 3 : Nomination of a new BOA member

Finally you can vote through our Voting System

Part 1: Evaluation of 2016

Year 2016 was the opportunity for members to increase their competences in Social Media Management thanks to our partnership with European Best Destination. The ranking of many Destination is now improved.

Regarding communication we finalized the website and edited a new folder to convince Eden Destinations to join the Network.

At the end of the year 71 destinations were in order of payment !

The Eden Innovation Prize has highlighted wonderful experiences :

We organized a meeting with National Project Officer in April. Very important to understand each others priorities.

We started a partnership with Viramo Consulting. We are receiving a weekly Newsletter from European Commission !

Part 2 : Accounts

Here below you will find 2 documents :

– one is the official one sent by our accountant to the belgian’s authorities. It is in French.

– The other one is much more comprehensive and is the situation at 31/12/2016 + budget 2017.

Part 3 : Nomination of a new BOA member

With the resignation of Marianne Diels (Destination of Marche-en-Famenne – BE) the BOA launched a call for candidatures inside its members.

Voting part

You have the possibility to give your decision by clicking on the right button. Then don’t forget to click on the VOTE button. Thank you for your virtual participation!

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